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Lazy Kangaroo

Chinese Wall - Mungo NP

Mungo NP

Dry Lake - Mungo NP

Palace Hotel - Broken Hill (from Priscilla)

Broken Hill from Above

The Flying Doctors

The Road to Silverton - Thursday

The Road to Silverton - Friday

What the Aussie Tourist Office doesn't tell you ?

Mad Max

Green Aussie Car

Mundi Mundi Plain

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Mundi Mundi Plain

Greetings from Broken Hill, a former Austalian mining town on the edge of the outback and close to the border of South Australia and New South Wales. I have been hanging out here for a few days enjoying civilisation after about 10 days camping in the Outback. The town has just 20,000 people and is about 200km from anywhere but given its location on the edge of the outback, it really has a feeling of being a quintesential old Outback town with lots of old building with verandahs on main street etc.

Some of you may recognise the photos as it was used in the movie "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" which takes a light hearted look at an alternative Aussie way of life. It is also close to Silverton, a ghost town on the edge of the Mundi Mundi plain, which has been used in many beer commercials and as the shooting location of Mad Max 2. The area has also been used for many TV series featuring the Aussie outback, including Flying Doctors and A town like Alice. So as a movie buff, it has been fun to hang out here.

On my way from Mildura, I first visited Mungo National park which is known for its multicoloured desert sands, dry lakes and aborigine grave finds. In fact, graves of of aborigines over 40000 years old have been found here, some of the oldest finds on the planet. The trip involved a 100km off road drive to the park entrance and a further 70km tour around the park which my jeep survived with our any issues. There was also the opportunity to see the "Chinese Wall", a bank of multicoloured sand dunes theat stretch through the park. Surprisingly, there were also a few other tourists (and kangaroos) around on the campsite which made it feel less remote. From there, it was a 300km trek, northwest through Poonacarie, where I had a long chat with the Kiwi owner of the coffee shop, and Meinidee lakes before hitting asphalt again for the last 100km to Broken Hill.

In Broken Hill, I checked into the Travel Lodge hostel so I could enjoy access to a bed, showers, coffee and newspapers, very welcome after a period camping in the bush. The first day in BH was spent checking out sights in town: the historic route, the old mining sites and visiting the Flying Doctors museum out at the airport as well as going to the movie Avatar in the local cinema. Staying at a hostel meant that I got to meet some other backpackers again and John (Canada), Julius & Louise (Sweden) and Claire (Scotland) were happy to take up my offer of a lift out to some of the sites outside of town. The plan for Thursday was to visit the ghost town of Silverton but despite being informed by the tourist information office that the road was open, we unforunately found the road impassible 100m outside of town because of flash floods from the previous nights thunderstorms had formed a fast flowing river. With the road blocked, it was over to plan B and a visit to a nature reserve and sculpture symposium on another road out of town.

Today, we found out that the road was now really open and the contrast between the two days proved quite remarkable. It also meant we could see Silverton and the surrounding area in bright sunshine which made them seem all the more impressive. The view over the Mundi Mundi plain with its flat red sands being particularly stunning. (see Video) We also took the chance to tour the ruins of old buildings and of course take the obligatory tourist photos in front of the Silverton hotel. This evening, I will be taking it easy as I prepare for my trip west towards Mt Remarkable and the Flinders Range. More news when I next get internet access.

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