Proof we were there...

Our new friends Ed & Helene'

Catching the ball on "porpus"...

"hey guys there a big wide open ocean over this wall!"

"they danced all day" gosh we liked the show...

lucky girl gets to hug the dolphin

This rosette wouldn't turn around, we tried for about 15 min.

this guy was not camera shy like the rosette but he was...


Rebecca like the jellies and -

the horsey's . . .

Our tour guide for the Spain history lesson

about the three ships

About the three ships

About the three ships

type of ships

type of ships for Nina & Pinta

Rebecca checking out the ship construct

Dave and Rebecca infront of Pinta

Ed and Helene' infront of Pinta

closeup of reconstruction work on Pinta

Wow, that's cool riggin

Pinta, front view

Santa Maria

Santa Maria

V.I.P.'s of the ships


history of these ships built for the 500th year of Columbus's journey...

riggin on Pinta

reconstruction on the Pinta

Santa Maria

Afterward we ate lunch at Brewster Street Grill, we recommend it...

We had a several nice weather days shortly after we arrived here. One day we put the boat in the water and went fishing (see previous entry) then we went downtown for tours of the Texas State Aquarium and the Corpus Christi Museum of Art and History. But first let me tell you, on our second day here we met a couple from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Ed and Helene'.

The four of us determined we could tour together quite nicely, having so much in common, love of travel, USAF, age and such. The four of us chose to go to the Texas State Aquarium first. it's located down on the bay next to the USS Lexington. In my thinking, the state couldn't have chosen a better location for the state aquarium than Corpus Christi. It's proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and all the resources of the surrounding waters is most valuable. For more info about the aquarium go to: www.texasstateaquarium.org

Next day, the four of us wanted to see the Museum of Art and History. We had heard they have ships that are copies of the Columbus trio of ships, Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. Sure enough we took the "Spanish Ship" tour and soon discovered the Santa Maria and Pinta were out back in dry dock for repairs. The Nina is in water at the city docks and can be toured there separately. All three ships were built by the country of Spain for to honor the 500th anniversary of Columbus' journey to the New World. After the tour, Corpus Christi bought the ships because of the cities link to Spain. Also in the museum are items from several other famous shipwrecks occurring on Padre Island in the 1550 to 1680 time period. For more info about this museum go to: www.ccmuseum.com

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