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Moving the feeders

Aquisition- one of the prettiest mares

Mare + foal eating from the feed truck


The view from my balcony


Thunderstorm 2

Me and Diddi

Me and Diddi 2

Diddi, me, Jo and Nick

Nick and Diddi

Me and Nick at MacDonalds

Diddi, Nick, Tara and Uli and Maccy Ds

Cowboy and Aaron

Cowboy and Aaron 2


Me and Tara

Diddi and Tara

On Friday some of the foals were branded. Paul the manager branded them using freeze branding. They dipped the brands in liquid nitrogen instead of heating them. As far as I'm aware this is because it's a more humane way to brand and this type of branding brings up white hairs instead of burning the skin off. The foals are numbered in order of their birth. There is no no.1 this year as the first foal of the season had to be put down as it had leg problems. One of the mares had to be put down this weekend as she had no cartilage in her knee joint and a broken ankle.

We had a party last night as two people were leaving. There was a small disco in the complex common room as one of the staff from the next stud (Widden) has some lights. Some the ukranians who work at Widden also came over.

More later.


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