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Ticket to the Extravaganza


Darlene and Tom Finn

Regina at Ringside

The Crowd in the Stands

MC Flip Nicholson



Lupita Entertains

Lupita's Gown

Lupita's Gown of Guadalajara Landmarks

Original Artwork

Horse Show

MC Flip on Horseback

La Escaramuza Precision Riders

Tom Finn and the Riders

Jose Luis AKA "Sandwich"

Festive Hairdo

Tom Finn and fiance Darlene are in town from Chicago for the annual rodeo to benefit the handicapped kids horse exercise program. This group, Pasos Milagrosos, uses equestrian therapy to improve the life of kids with many handicaps including cerebral palsy and autism.

It was a nice surprise to be invited to this event by Darlene and Tom. What a great send-off before I leave for Ecuador.

And what a festive afternoon we had!

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