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Today we met our 19 month old great-grandson Ryan for the first time. Not under the best of circumstances either. The last time we saw granddaughter Serenity was in January of 2006 at Larry's mom's funeral. It was wonderful to see her again after so many years, even though it was a sad and stressful time.

We purchased our 5'er a couple of months later and prepared for our new lifestyle. Serenity came by the stick house to check out our new home and catch up a bit. She moved to Kansas for awhile and had recently moved back to the Vegas area. Well, since we've been on the road she became a new mother and we became great grandparents again!

Yesterday morning we called and arranged for them to come over Sunday afternoon for a visit. It was agreed that we would call them around noon after church. She did mention that Ryan was teething and had a slight cold but Sunday was a few days away and he would probably feel better by then. So this morning we were very surprised to get a call that they were in the Emergency Room at the hospital in Henderson, but Ryan was being transferred to another hospital for admission. Seems they had no space in the pediatric ward so they sent him to the Children's Hospital portion of Sunrise Hospital in Vegas.

Poor little guy. He's having a hard time breathing with a pretty ugly cough. He was quite happy to see his us though, smiled alot and waved, clapped etc. We seemed to bond right away! Guess he knows good people when he sees them, LOL! As time went on though he became restless, fighting with the tubes sticking out of him, the bed he didn't want to stay in and the doctors who were continually visiting to ask questions while they poked and prodded. They are doing a 'breathing' treatment every two hours and monitoring his oxygen level etc. Mom & Dad will be spending the night there with him. So, we'll know more tomorrow. But we left feeling confident that he was getting good care, not in serious danger and should be able to go home tomorrow.

So there's a possibility they may still come on Sunday. If so, I'll get my first pics of him! He's a doll, wait until you see. So family, if you've been checking all day to see if I posted any news, here it is. Even though he seems to be in good hands, it certainly wouldn't hurt to say a little prayer or two ok? Thanks.....Goodnight

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