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Getting ready to leave Elmira on Sunday January 24. No ice or...

Cliff starting to scrap ice off slides at 2:00

Ice and snow on motor home and car

Cliff still scrapping at 4:00

Snow and ice and very windy roads closed city shut down

Still scrapping at 6:00

Hello family and friends: Well, it has been another wintry day. I cannot believe it was 74' yesterday and today 27'F. We have had freezing rain all day. We woke up late this morning knowing full well we were not going anywhere. Instead of putting our slides in this morning when it was not quite freezing rain we waited and what a mistake. It took Cliff almost 3 hours of chiseling and watering ice to get it off the slides so we could bring them in. He finally got them all in, but not sure if there is damage to any of them until we put them back out. When that will be I have no idea. The further south we go the more snow and rain we get into. We went for dinner this evening and I think there were only a handful of cars out in the big city of Oklahoma. The whole city shuts down and call a state of emergency. They have very few plows and you can tell. There is about 8 inches of ice on the highway with snow. All the businesses and restaurants are shut down. We drove for an hour this evening trying to find one that was opened. All the truck stops are full to capacity as trucks are not moving. Everyone is now waiting for the big snow storm to come through tomorrow. However, we are not staying here. Just 2 hours south of us is Dallas and they are having a thunderstorm. I think I want to be there so off we go on another adventure. Our luck by morning it will change into snow there as well. I think snow is going to follow us this trip. We are however having fun even though the weather sucks. There are lots of sights to see through rain and snow they all just take on a whole new appearance. Well off to bed, we are leaving in the morning early as there will probably be no one on the roads. We will just take our time and slide on down to Texas and hopefully float on over to Arizona :) Good night all ps. I hear you are having some wild weather up there as well. Stay inside and be safe!

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