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Having travelled the width of Mexico from the most eastern southerly point on the pacific coast, we eventually arrived on the Caribbean coast is some dreadful place called Playa Del Carmen, which I suppose is the Mexican version of something like the Costa Del Sol! Certainly no Mexicans were on holiday there, mainly just fat Americans and plenty of fake boobs. Oh and the obligatory Wal Mart and Starbucks in order to feed the fat Americans.

The actual beach there, although it did have white sand and turquoise water, was really just a harbour area which backed onto beach bar after beach bar, and the main street (5th Avenue) which could have passed as Aya Napa on a bad day. To our horror as walking along the beach to find somewhere a little quieter, we stumbled upon 2 separate weddings taking place on the beach about 100m away from each other. Basically the beach was absolutely packed with fat Americans and fake boobs and the hotels had just stuck a few chairs out and an alter thing whilst the brides and grooms said their vows in front of hundreds of semi naked drunk tourists who were all leering and clapping from their sunbeds which lay about 5m away from the ceremony!!!

Suffice to say, I think it was probably the naffest setting for a wedding that I have ever seen and neither of us could think of anything worse than doing that ourselves. Apparently, Bali is nothing like that, but still our idea of a beach wedding has been blurred slightly!!

Still reeling from the shock, we decided to head down the coast the following day and found a beautiful far more secluded beach to spend the day. This bit of the coast, boasts the second largest reef in the world but was pretty rough the day we were there, with poor visibility. Jb still managed to see lots of fish and a manta ray but to his huge disappointment, no sharks!!

The highlight of the day however (at least for Jb!) was stumbling across a beach bar that not only sold pina colada’s but you could also drink them, sitting on a swing, looking out to sea. 2 Pina coladas down, the Caribbean coast seemed all the more beautiful . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . !

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