Roman's trip to the andes - spring 2010 travel blog

Terminal terrestre Ibarra

Unic B.V. Ibarra??

On the way to San Lorenzo

SLPD - San Lorenzo Police Department - No crime here

Picturesque Sua

Sua playa

Not having found any tours or activities to be done at Ibarra - same story here, no touristical season - I decided to continue my way to the coast, to Atacames to be precise. Atacames is the most famous beach of Ecuador, in the holiday season (february) all the people from the sierra spend their holidays there.

So I went to the very modern terminal terrestre (bus terminal) of Ibarra, just to realize that there was only a night connection to Atacames. So I hopped first into a bus driving down to San Lorenzo. Actually thats the way the train was servicing before, and it is a very interesting landscape to see on the way. So this was my first real long bus travel here. Travelling by bus is incredible cheap, as a rule you can say that per hour you pay one dollar. To San Lorenzo you need 4 hours, now this buses are never direct connections, they stop in a lot of places and let people hop in or off. So first we crossed half Ibarra collecting people, had to refuel gasolina - just imagine happen that in our countries ;-) But then we were off and it was a very nice trip.You will not find too many fotos of this bus trips as there are so many impressions that you cannot take that many photos. Also its interesting to see changing vegetation during the way. After Ibarra the way leads through the mountains, after half of the way you descend into the coastland, with a more tropical vegetation. The surroundings here are very different, people live very simple, in small huts on the side, that look all very incomplete.

Finally San Lorenzo is not really a place to stay, it has no beach, its surrounded by mangroves, the streets are not paved, it looks quiet bad.

So I changed to my next five hour ride down to Esmeraldas. Esmeraldas is mainly a harbour facility, an oil pipeline is leading there. Arriving there I changed again to another bus service driving me to Sua. Its a small fishing village close to Atacames, much more quiet than Atacames, with a real nice playa. Same story here, nearly no tourists to be found, so most stores are closed. Advantage is that its very easy to find a hostal at each place I have been so far.

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