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After leaving Buenos Aires, we got a 17 hour overnight bus to Iguazu...expected to be a nightmare, but it was surprisingly luxurious! We had fully reclining seats, were waited on hand and foot throughout the journey, and had a better nights sleep than we had had in any bed on the trip so far!

Iguazu was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! On the first day we just checked into the hostel, chilled by the pool etc, and then had an all-you-can eat BBQ for only 30 pesos (the equivalent to 10 pounds), after which we were taken by surprise when an EXTREMELY camp man clad in tight sequiny trousers came out with a little tin drum, followed by 3 brasilian female dancers dressed in nect to nothing! They were pulling people up onto the stage to dance from all over the shop, izzy and i were unfortunately unable to escape his clutches!! SUCH a funny and unexpected night!

We then did the Argentinian side of the falls the next day with 3 Australians that we had met in Buenos Aires, and they were asbolutely breathtaking, just as we expected...

The next day we did the Brasilian side, which was also stunning, but a much shorter trail so we managed to get round it in a lot shorter space of time...

After that we headed to a Brasilian bus station, where we got another overnight bus to Florianopolis, an island just off the Brasilian coast where we are now. ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. The seats hardlt reclined at all, and there were people getting on the bus and literally trying to sit on us all throughout the night! So our sleep amounted to about 0 hours in total!

But we are now checked into our hostel and happy as larry, the island is GLORIOUS, and we are very much looking forward to finally getting rid of our pasty white sking and replacing it with a tan!

Off to a Mexican for supper (in Brazil!) So this entry must draw to a close, but I shall update again in due course!

Masses and masses of love and kisses to anyone who reads this!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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