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Day at the Museum

Lucas Shrugs


All Dressed up for Rugby Sevens

Sevens Scene

Olivia's Birthday Splash

While in India, we learned that John's dad's health had taken a turn for the worse so we decided to re-route our travel plan and return to New Zealand now, rather than at the end of our trip, as we'd originally planned.

We wanted to be with John's dad and family and feel very lucky we were able to take the time to spend time here.

While in Wellington, we had the opportunity to go to a few of Olivia and Lucas' sporty pursuits - including soccer, cricket and horse riding. We also helped Olivia celebrate her 12th birthday. John was happy when his uncle Barry let him use his tickets to go to the Rugby Sevens (lots of costumes on display). He has also been happily consuming lots of cricket news and games on TV and watching the winter Olympics.

Lastly, we enjoyed lots of good food and wine. The Wellington food scene is picking up and there are now many farmer's markets stocked with delicious veggies and fruits. Beautiful weather while we were here had us once again imagining one day living in Wellington - at least part-time.

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