Pulling the Carriage 2007 travel blog


Downtown Lynchburg, pop. 391


Jack Daniel himself, 5 foot 2 inches

Iron - free water from limestone cave


Jack's office desk

the office safe that "killed" him ( he kicked it, got gangrene...

A black mold on the trees around a still. It likes the...

Tonight we are at Birmingham South Campground. We didn't arrive here until well after dark. We don't normally like arriving after dark, because it makes setting up a bit of a nuisance. We were late for two reasons. Firstly, we spent more time than expected at Lynchburg and secondly we landed in a massive traffic jam at Birmingham as a construction project put five lanes into one.

We meandered around the historic part of Lynchburg and had lunch before taking the Jack Daniels tour. It was well worth the visit!

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