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Along the "Joshua Tree Parkway of Arizona"

A Joshua Tree - they are a species of Yucca.

Cholla along the highway.

Giant Saguaro cacti along the roadside, each about 10-15 feet tall.

This one was 17-18' high - apparently they can grow up to...

Part of a family of quail running across the little side road.

An Ocotillo bush - they cut the branches to use as fence...

Approaching Kingman, Arizona - note the snow on the mountains.

Some of the Laughlin casinos along the Colorado River.

Harrah's Resort at Laughlin (they gave us free rooms again).

When we woke up in the morning we could actually see that we were in the middle of the famous Joshua Tree Parkway - the trees were everywhere (and a few cattle right beside the rest area as well). Driving north on the highway you see some incredible plants and scenery: Joshua trees, other types of Yucca, Choys in various forms, Ocotillo bushes, barrel cacti, assorted bromeliads, and lots of huge Giant Saguaro cacti. Also, the farther north you get, the larger the mountains become. Where we joined the highway which came southwest from Flagstaff, we started seeing large trucks with snow falling off their roofs - that was a bit worrying, but we knew that Flagstaff was much higher in altitude than where we were travelling. Bullhead, Arizona and Laughlin, Nevada are opposite each other on the Colorado River, downstream from the Hoover Dam. We crossed into Nevada, and also crossed the time zone so we are finally back on coast time again - yippee! We are staying at the Harrah's (free rooms again, but the gambling is sure bad) for a couple of days, and before heading for the coast and the drive northwards.

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