Toby-Sue Trip to the Gulf of Mexico 09-10 travel blog

leaving Froggies Bait Shop

the hard to photo dolphin

a bad pic of a roseate spoonbill

military ruins Matagorda Island

our wake

my sweetie

her sweetie

Joannies artwork - it was very large- notice all the types of...

Sue, Kirk, and Joannie Morgan

shrimp boat ruins from the 80's

God's art work - isn't it all?

Kirk and Joannie Morgan

Bird Island

Bird Island

some of the pelicans on BI

ship guide tower

they look sooo clean, but P U

leaving B I

oil rig - there are THOUSANDS in the gulf of Mexico

back to POC

our shell collection

a sand dollar

my fav - about as long as my hand

Texas state shell

On Monday, we finally got some beautiful weather, so we went for a walk around the neighborhood. We stopped into the Treasure Chest. It is a local shop, and the owners are Kirk and Joannie Morgan. No relation as far as we can tell, but they have excepted us as such. Kirk said, "we are going out in the boat in an hour, do you want to go?" Well, heck yeah!! So, we ran home, threw some stuff together and headed out.

We found out the attraction to this area. If you have a boat, it is an entirely different experience. They took their dogs (Freckles), the beagle and Duke (the black dog). They were very excited to get to Matagorda Island to go running and exploring.

We launched at Froggies Bait Shop, with dolphins and seagulls all around to see us off. The dolphins like to follow the wake of the boat. They are tough to get a picture of with the bouncing of the boat and all. Generally, there are fisherman cleaning their catches on the dock, but today, nobody.

After 30 - 45 minutes, at very high speeds, we got to Sunday Beach. Not a sign of anyone. Kirk says in the summer, you can hardly find a place to put a lawn chair. There are only a few beaches where you can find the sand dollars shells, AND THIS WAS ONE. There were everywhere! Not to mention several other kinds, including star fish. We are told they are good luck, and very rare also. We also saw the ruins of a shrimp boat that sunk in the 80's. It was then in 9 feet of water. All you can see is the mast now way up on the beach. The rest has been taken back by the sea. Kirk said after the Galveston hurricane the beach shore was like going to Walmart. Anything you could want was washed up on the shore. It was reclaimed by the sea in just a few days, and is now invisible to our eyes. He said it helps to hold the erosion back. Our poor old planet has had to endure alot.

We waded and shell hunted for a couple hours, and then went to the boat for lunch. Chicken wings, sausage, and ribs. The best way to "eat out". Sue asked me if I thought we could spend the night on the island before we go home. I asked Kirk, and he said people do it all the time. So, we are working on that. We then left Sunday Beach, and headed for Bird Island. There were alot of pelicans (white and grey) but we were told it is not the time of year when there are thousands of them. Probably a good thing, they smelled quite foul (no pun intended, no really). As we passed an island in the middle (not quite) of the ocean, I thought I saw a cow walking along the beach. Kirk says, "oh yeah, they are all over out on the islands". I told Sue they were looking for shells.

Most of Matagorda is government owned. It was used as a training site during WW2. They bombed it and practiced landing the planes. There are miles on landing strips out there. Very haunting. There is a section where you can buy an acre for $2500, and build a place if you like. No utilities, and you can't insure it, but you definitely have a water view in all directions.

On a funny note, I don't think Sue will mind me telling this story. Mother nature called, and Sue needed some privacy. The beach is very flat for several hundred yards, then there are some dunes. I told her, remember, if you can see us, we can see you. Sue kept walking, and I tried to signal to her that it was OK. She thought I was saying "go further". By the time she stopped, she was a speck on the horizon. It was very funny. I guess you had to be there.

Well, I have gone on long enough. We can't thank the Morgans enough for the wonderful day we had. It was very kind of them, they are great people, as are all the Texans we have met. We thanked them, and Joannie said, "let's do it again". "Well, heck yeah!"

We got "home" to a great spaghetti dinner that one of the guests made up at the clubhouse. We have been taking turns doing that, then we only cook in the motorhome about once a week.

If you are interested, Google, "the legend of the sand dollar", it is an interesting story.

Take care.

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