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Today was our one full day in Havasu. It’s a good thing there’s nothing of interest here.

I felt well enough to go into town with everyone, join the chorus of . . .

“Look, that’s the London Bridge” . . .

. . . and then head back to the RV.

The story goes like this.

The guy who brought the London Bridge to Havasu really thought it would be a huge tourist draw. They disassembled the bridge in London, numbered every itsy bitsy piece, shipped it to Arizona and reassembled it in Havasu City. They built a cutesy little English Village next to the bridge and a really nice visitors center.

For a short while, people came, gawked and said . . .

“Look, that’s the London Bridge.”

Then they stopped coming.

To be truthful with you, it’s no big deal. If you’re planning a trip to Havasu to see the London Bridge, stay home and Google it. I was still too woozy to remember to take the camera when we left the campground so I have no pictures. I'm sure Judy and Joel took some pictures and, if I remember, I'll get them later and post them here. But, believe me, they're not even worth looking at.

I’m still feeling a bit queasy but much better than yesterday. Tomorrow we head for the BIG RV SHOW AT QUARTZSITE.

This better be good because my RV friends talk about it all the time.

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