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Paul Runyan (PGP WA), Debi Morris, Scott Morris, Terro Kotek (WM), Les...

Finished up the spackling of the walls and plan to "wash" them tomorrow and be ready to start priming the walls on Saturday. After a day of working at mom and dad's we headed home, soaked for a bit in the hot tub and then got all dressed up, as we are so used to do, and got ready to go an Eastern Star meeting. My mom has been "talking us up" for so long, when we walked in, most of those there knew who we were. Although the "cat had been let out of the hat" last week, Mom was still very excited when we said that we were going to petition for duel membership in her chapter. Of course, we won't be an officer, since we won't be here often, but it thrilled her to all ends that we were doing this. After Chapter, we took mom home and then relaxed at our place for awhile. Then the wind hit. And believe me, it blew. Our trailer felt like it wanted to move not only to the next lot, but the next city, or county. Although we went to bed around 2am, Scott was was back up by 2:30 or so, and stayed up, checking on the trailer several time, until 9am. Needless to say, Friday was a "lost" day.

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