Moon On Tour 2005 travel blog

Nice place where we had lunch

The whale - Nasca Lines

Luce and Anita in the plane

Humming Bird - Nasca Lines

Dune buggying at Ica

Sand dunes

Sand dunes

Lucy sand boarding

After the truck got stuck in the sand!

Pelicans at Ballestros

Ballestras Islands


More sealions

Another nice lunch spot - beats Hanger Lane...

After leaving Arequipa we had a bush camp on the beach at Puerta Inca. My cook group did a very nice BBQ but unfortunately a couple of people got a bit ill after it !! I blame it on the boys in charge of the cooking. We played a quick game of Kings (dodgy drinking game) which was kind of upstaged by our lovely drivers Brett and Rich running around with no clothes on. Yes they seem to enjoy stripping off rather a lot those two...!!!! Anyway, next day we set off for Nasca which is where the famous Nasca lines are. We camped in the grounds of a very nice hotel and early next morning we took a flight over the lines in a very small plane (like, with 5 seats in it...!!) It wasnt too scary and it was wicked to see the lines that are used in a lot of Peruvian arts and stuff (jewellery etc) That afternoon we went dune buggying and sand boarding over the dunes at Ica. Amazing fun !! I didnt fancy bombing down a dune on a sand board but it looked like fun. After that everyone used the pool at the youth hostel to rinse off and we had lunch. That evening we stayed in Paracas NP on the beach. Next morning we took a boat trip out to the Ballestras Islands which are supposed to be Perus equivalent to the Galapagos Islands. Saw sealions, penguins and boobies! (the bird variety of course!) After that we set off for Lima!

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