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Moonstone took pity on us and invited us to stay in Casa Nova (Yarrow & Nova's place) for the night so we could get our s___ together and break camp on the dunes the day before leaving. Also, dinner & DVD - Corazon Vaqueros - The Cowboy Heart, the story of Baja Sur cowboys and families living off the land in the Sierras of Baja, excellent!

Blue got fixed in just 1 hour, Bon got her T-shirt, Blue up on blocks, covered in a wonderful location. The folks at Canada del Diablo even drove us to the bus station. Unfortunately, the lady selling tickets misinformed us of the time for the last bus to Pichilinque, so instead of arriving in time for the 6 pm bus which we were told would be the last, when we got to the La Paz bus station they told us the last bus went at 5! Que lastima! Taxi cost us $10 US more than bus but arriving at 6:30 at Pich we sat and watched them load trucks and cars all the while breathing the fragrant exhaust fumes from the dozens of vehicles waiting to drive on. Finally, at 9:30 they allowed passengers on. We had splurged for a cabin which was much appreciated (tho $60 US more)...hot shower, great room, complimentary water, etc.

Arrived in Topo about 5:30am and with little trouble located the bus to Los Mochis ($2 US for a 24km ride)...from there another bus (TAP) at 8am ($8 US)to Navojoa, total time 6:30 til 10:45am.

Met a Finnish fellow at bus station in Mochis - he had ridden his bicycle from SF to Tijuana and bussed to La Paz, heading eventually to Peru. He worked as an English to Finnish translator...did all his work via computer which he hauled with him. "Both a blessing and a curse!" he said.

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