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Last night, I had to pack. Packing sucks because I have so much stuff that I need for different parts of my trip. Basically, there is only one way I can get everything to fit in my bag, so I spend hours packing and repacking. My bad karma from my past life (this is what most Brasilians would say) decided to kick in last night when the power went off in all of Curitiba. In South America, workers don´t rush out to fix it right away, and instead they just wait for the morning. So, I had to pack with only the light from my headlight strapped onto my head.

My bad karma stayed with me the next day too:

So I just arrived in Florianopolis after a long day. I left the Curitiba hostel at 10:30 and planned to catch the 13:00 bus to Florianopolis that was meant to arrive at 17:00. Somebody had told me that the walk to the Rodoveria (the long distance trips bus station) was only a 10 minute walk from the center. I decided to walk it with even all my luggage. So, a half hour later, in 95 degree Fahrenheit weather, with a 50 lb bag on my back and a 20 lb bag in my front, I arrived at the Rodoveria. I really wanted to arrive before sunset because I am unfamiliar with Florianopolis. But, of course, that bus was sold out. Instead, I got a ticket for a 13:10 bus. No big deal, right? Just 10 minutes later. SO wrong. The bus arrived at 19:30 and a 4 hour ride became a 6.5 hour ride. From the Florianopolis bus station, I was supposed to take an hour worth of public buses to get to the part of the island I am staying on. But, the island is super small and turns into one huge traffic jam around this time. So, it took 2.5 hours, instead of 1, to get to my hostel. The whole 6.5 hour bus ride I was just dying to take a shower. I had sweated like crazy on my half hour walk with all my luggage to the Rodovaria and was quite uncomfortable to whole ride. And Florianopolis is very humid and the public buses were really crowded and I was lugging around 70+ lbs. I did not like that I arrived at 23:00 because it was dark and a 10 minute walk from the bus stop. I was not sure how safe the area was, and I was not even sure if I had gotten off at the right stop. But, I made it okay to the hostel. So, when I get to the hostel, the receptionist is like “I’m sorry about the water problem.” I’m like, “What water problem?” I thought that maybe I couldn’t drink the water or something. And he says, “The whole city of Florianopolis is out of water. No toilets, showers or sinks.” He then precedes to hand me a bucket of cold rainwater and a cup and “this is for you to shower.” I just took a shower with a bucket of freezing rainwater. Welcome to Latin America.

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