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Overlooking Dharamsala

Yeah! We just arrived in Dharamsala this evening. We're very high in the mountains and can see snow not too far away. It's very beautiful, fresh, and peaceful here. I can see why the Dalai Lama lives here. We're not sure yet whether or not he's at home or off on a speaking tour. Even if he is in it's beyond a long shot that we'll even catch a glimpse of him, but I'm still hopeful.

Tomorrow will be full of Hindu and Buddhist temples. Should be very interesting. Also, I'll get a chance to buy some Himalayan clothing! I'm wearing about 8 layers of clothes right now. I was really not prepared for this cold weather. Every night a fog descends over northern India from the Himalayan winds. Locals say this weather should've ended by now but things are little topsy turvey in the weather world these days. If I see the Dalai Lama maybe I'll ask him what he can do about it!

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