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I know a few of you have sent emails wondering where I am and why I haven’t been writing, and for that I am truly sorry. We have not had much luck with wi-fi lately, and Cory and Elaine have been going out to Internet cafes to check out emails and facebook. As I use the laptop for my entries it is imperative that I have wifi. I am hoping that I will have access to it in Australia.

Yes, it is hard to believe that today is the day we travel once again. This time we are off to Australia. But first let me tell you about our final day in Bali. Cory and Elaine had discussed doing a tour of the area. It would be similar to the one we did from Kuta. Our flight to Australia leaves quite late at night or early in the morning depending upon which way you look at it, so we decided to combine the tour with getting dropped off at the airport.

Putu had told us that he had something for us before we left. My oh my, when you are the first guests at a hotel, especially in Bali it is a real big deal. The staff have different coloured shirts for different days, and today they were wearing the same colour as the ones that had been given to Cory and Elaine on December 31st. Agung, and Juli from reception were there as well as a number of other busy little worker bees, and Cory and Elaine said they were going to go and say good-bye to Melani and Marca at the breakfast/bar area. This was not in Putu’s plans as he had already arranged for all the staff to be present for the “ceremony” Elaine was quite clever and pulled their BPR shirts out of the backpacks and they quickly changed. The presentation included an envelope with 2 8 x 10 photos of their first day, as well as two other envelopes containing a number of smaller pictures of their time at Bali Palms resort, including Christmas and New Years.

There was also a letter to them, which Elaine started to read out loud. No problem for this toastmaster, until she realized what the letter actually said, and she got choked up and could not continue. So that you can understand a little bit of the mindset of the Balinese people I have asked Elaine and Cory permission to include it here.

Dear Mr. Cory and Mrs. Elaine Lawton

On behalf of the hotel Management and all staff of Bali Palms Resort would like to thank you for your time willing to spend your holidays in Bali and especially in Bali Palms Resort – Candidasa.

We would like extend our most deepest apology in any case of our short-handed service may occurred during to experience all products and services which we consider still less far behind perfect we may offer to you. We are still working out to accomplish and to complete the resort with all aspect of product and still looking forward to receive all comments and input to strength and increase our in all aspects.

Last but not least, we hope you had experienced the most happy and memorable holiday with us and we happy to see you again on your next holiday.

Kind regards,

The Management

Now I know you must look beyond the English, I just typed it as it was, to see the meaning. Trust me when I tell you, that the Balinese people probably have the biggest hearts of any country we have been to. The gifts that we received were given with such joy and happiness, and they were truly genuinely happy to be giving them. It is better to give than to receive and these people embrace that concept.

Of course there were glitches. That is to be expected, but we could not pass a staff member who did not give us a huge smile and extend a greeting.

There seems to be no difference and what we may think is a “lowly” job and an “important” job, as everybody seems equal.

Marca, was a food and beverage server whom we got to know the most. To hear him speak about his employer and the “team” is really inspiring. The staff work 6 days a week, which is considered normal, and on one day we saw Marca helping the workers who were moving boxes of tiles to a room. I can’t remember the term he used, but it refers to working as a team, and my understanding is some of the staff do a job exchange as part of the team, to understand each other’s job.

Many of the staff

After our presentation and our receiving line where we shook hands and hugged many of the staff it was time to head off on our tour. Cory is still has not figured out how to turn off the faucet that ends up getting his shirts wet, and at the first opportunity he removed his Bali Palms Resort shirt. To this Putu said ” Cory – you are fired.” Apparently not following staff dress code is taken very seriously.

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