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Happy Anniversary to Cory and Elaine. It is hard to imagine that 17 years ago they were in the Cook Islands preparing to say I do in front of two ministers. One who only spoke French and Maori and one from New Zealand who spoke Maori and English. It seems that these two don’t do anything normally.

It was another beautiful routine day here. We had a nap in the afternoon so that we would be able to stay up until midnight.

The transformation at Bali Shangri la was even more impressive than Christmas at BPR.

The staff had gone all out and the feast was sure to be a culinary delight. The evening started with T-bone soup. Imagine putting a t-bone steak in a soup. There were salads, turkey, roasted pig on a spit, chicken and beef satay, roasted corn and potatoes, as well as vegetables. There was so much food it was not possible to try everything.

The evening followed with more Balinese dancing, and then the staff put on a fashion show. What made the fashion show so entertaining was the staff all enjoyed watching their fellow co-workers putting on a show. It was just like at Christmas, all the staff was gathered together with their “family” for new years. As much as Cory and Elaine enjoy their co-workers neither could see spending their New Year’s Evening with them. It would be a complete foreign concept to have Elaine go and hang out with the post office gang, while Cory was with the scale crowd. Staff from BPR came over to Bali Shangri La when their shift was finished and brought in the New Year. We know that some have families who were at home.

Watching the interaction of the staff with each other was even more intense than Christmas. Whether it was mentioned or not, the staff still served their guests, but were allowed to participate in the celebrations of the evening.

Putu, Agung, and Lulu who presented Cory and Elaine with a cake and gifts for their anniversary surprised them. They had expected nothing as earlier in the day, they had been given a card and flowers. Elaine and Cory are sure to wear their new Bali Palms Resort golf shirts with pride and fond memories.

After the clock had struck midnight, and Happy New Year’s were shared all around, the staff raffle draw began. Here again management had gone all out to show their appreciation to the staff. There were over 70 gifts. It was easy to see that some serious thought had gone into the gifts, because where else would staff receive bags of rice, flats of eggs, or a goat? Yes, you read correctly. I knew by starting with those gifts I would capture your attention. The rice would feed the winning staff member’ family for months. The eggs would also provide nutrition, and the goat would be able to provide milk. The raffle for the goat created more excitement than the flat screen TV. As each gift was presented the band played music and the winning staff member had to do a dance before receiving their gift. Cory and Elaine had planned on leaving right after New Years but watching the camaraderie of the staff as they shared this night was bonus entertainment. It did drag on a bit and at 2:00 the night was over and we returned to BPR.

Cory and Elaine realized that in 2010 it will be difficult to compete with 2009, but I am sure some of what they have experienced this year will carry over, and it will be a great year for them.

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