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We headed over to Bali Shangri La for Christmas Eve dinner. We joined our table with Warren and Courtney. This father and daughter were on vacation from Australia.

It was a lovely evening with Balinese dancing entertainment, and a lovely meal including roast turkey, cranberry sauce and gravy. There was also traditional Balinese food.

It was not a late night, and before long we were back at the BPR.

We woke up Christmas morning and the place was bustling and hustling as the staff was busy preparing for the Grand Open/ Christmas party.

As this whole year has been a little bit out of Cory and Elaine’s normal routine, it seemed appropriate that Christmas would be a little bit different as well. They enjoyed a lovely dinner with turkey; roast beef, chicken, gravy, and roast potatoes, as well as many traditional Balinese dishes. Some that were quite hot and spicy. The place was full as the staff from both resorts were here with their families for the grand opening. A band was providing Christmas music and entertainment. There is certainly something about hearing a Balinese person singing Feliz Navidad. Warren and Courtney joined us for the day.

As to be expected with any grand opening there were speeches, but what seemed to really impress Cory and Elaine was the relationship between staff and management. Even though we are in a Hindu country (95%), Christmas seems to have a universal appeal.

The staff seems to be treated well by the management here, and for their efforts they get a loyal and committed staff. Warren and Courtney are in public service in Australia, and for a while conversation turned to management/employee relations in the respective countries. The thought that any of the employers would host, and throw a big party for Christmas, or that we would want to attend such an event did seem quite foreign.

Each and every employee was presented with a gift, and there were awards presented for top staff. It was an impressive site to see.

I am pretty sure that Cory and Elaine were a little bit homesick this Christmas, but are grateful for the opportunity they had to share the holiday with their Balinese “family”.

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