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We booked with the same travel company to drive us to Candi dasa. It was actually quite a challenge to find a place to stay for Christmas and New Years, as Bali is a very popular holiday season destination. We considered ourselves quite fortunate to find the Bali Palms Resort for $45.00 a night including breakfast, and booked ourselves in until January 3. 2009.

There was a spot on the reservation form to indicate your arrival time. We put 3:00 pm down not really sure of how long it would take to get there. Once we were on our way, we realized we would be arriving around noon, but if our room wasn’t ready, no big deal, we would wait.

We arrived at BPR just before noon, and were met by a large group of staff who told us we were the first customers. Cory and Elaine thought that was neat that we were the first customers of the day. They were wrong. We were the very first customers of the newly opened, newly renovated Bali Palms Resort. I am sure not too many people get to experience being the very first guests of a hotel, so let me tell you what happens.

First off, if you are going to be the first guests it is very important that you don’t arrive early, and arrive when you have indicated you will, so that you don’t mess up with the surprises planned for your arrival.

We were presented with flower leis, welcome drinks, cold cloths and invited to sit down in the lobby. We thought this was normal for all guests, but as time went on we realized that our early arrival had thrown a complete wrench into their plans. People were scrambling to get the who’s who here. Bali Palms Resort is a sister resort to the Bali Shangri La where some of the people were.

We met the owner, the general manager, the directors of this and the directors of that, as well as being introduced to all of the staff.

Once the “photographer” arrived, we were asked if we would redo our arrival so that it could be photograph and captured. Cory and Elaine agreed, but decided that they should change first. Everything was repeated including the welcome drinks and cold cloths.

Our room is a very nice room but the highlight for Elaine it seems is the shower. She calls it a Jacuzzi shower. It has a seat with a back rest that has jets, as well as a handheld shower wand and a rain head shower. Just turn on the light, open the skylight, and turn on the radio.

So our first full day at BPR was quite interesting. It was difficult for Cory and Elaine to keep track of everybody’s name because they met so many people, but everybody knew their names. It seemed every first they did, from eating in the restaurant to swimming in the pool were photographed. I understand now why celebrities aren’t so fond of the paparazzi.

In some ways it was quite disconcerting having the entire resort to ourselves with a staff that was chomping at the bit to do something, anything for us. Did we need drinks, massages, were we hungry?

By the second day, some more guests had arrived, and it didn’t seem so lonely. Cory and Elaine chose to come to Candi dasa because it was quieter than Kuta, but it was much quieter than they had anticipated when they were the only guests.

They booked a table for the Christmas Eve dinner to be held at the Bali Shangri La, and knew that the grand open/ staff party/ Christmas celebration would be held at BPR.

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