Trekking with Daisy 2009-10 travel blog

This morning my ophthalmologist told me that my eye is much improved. The scars have smoothed out some more. He took me off Trifluridine eye drops altogether and reduced the Pred Forte to only one drop per day. I still need to take the Acyclovir antiviral tablets twice a day. He wants to see me again in four weeks.

My back is doing better, too. This afternoon my chiropractor again used a device that spreads the vertebra apart to relieve the pressure. The procedure makes me very sore the first day but it feels much better from then on.

Before heading home, I went to American Propane to have my external propane tank filled. The tank on the motorhome is about 2/3 full but, with a severe cold front heading our way, I decided to attach the external tank just to make sure I won’t run out. I’m so glad I bought this little tank last year.

While I was outside, I saw Val. She is in process of moving into a different motor home. She also was getting ready for the extreme cold. I helped her insulate her water faucet and hook up her new oil-filled heater. This type heater is touted to be much more energy efficient than the ceramic ones. She will let me know how well it works. I’m considering buying one for myself even though I don’t have the perfect place for it.

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