Toby-Sue Trip to the Gulf of Mexico 09-10 travel blog

Just a note to let you know we survived the "big freeze of Texas". The last time it got below freezing was over 20 years ago. And Sue thinks we don't bring bad weather where ever we go! It was quite an event, warnings to not go outside, "unless absolutely necessary". We are now back into the 60's and sunny, for the while anyway.

We have been filling our days with gathering in the club house. We play games, and take turns cooking and baking. Donna (the owner) brought her WII from home so we could play it. It is fun, but ALOT of work. Our group consists of us, Joe & Glenda, Jay, Ian & Mary, and sometimes Donna,Brady and her dad, Don.

I am not seeking sympathy for our suffering (ha) we know most of you are in much worse weather, and we do feel for you. It is just that if we were home, we would expect to be freezing. Just kinda felt like a sarcastic update (from me?). It must be the weather.

Anyway, we love and miss you all. Keep each other warm.

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