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How frequently have you thought of taking lovely photographs on your way to France on a ferry ride? It is an exhilarating experience to enjoy photography onboard your ferry to France.

There are several picturesque subjects on the journey that can be framed. You can take the photographs of the mesmerising sea waves, or the playing dolphins in the channel waters.

You can also take photographs of the colourful environment onboard the ferry. These can be of your co-passengers, or the restaurant of the ferry, or the swimming pool onboard.

Many British face a genuine dilemma about the type of camera to carry along, say, on a short trip of Dover to Calais. Most of us do not have much experience in photography but are always eager to save the precious moments of life.

You can go for any internationally reputed brands, like Nikon, Sony of Pentax. The folks who are more into casual photography usually have the ordinary digital camera in their kits. The more serious people carry along the SLR camera sets.

It is not really that important to concentrate on a particular brand but you need to make sure that you carry a camera in your baggage! It is even better to have an extra set that can be quite handy in case the other camera gets cranky.

Furthermore, make sure to carry extra film rolls if you do not have a digital camera. It is beyond doubt that the journey has enough thrills to run you out of camera rolls.

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