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On the way out of Villahermosa.

This area is mostly lowland and swamp.

The helpful trucker moves right and puts his LEFT signal light on....

The rain threatened, but we stayed dry.

The first of 2 long bridges we had to cross near Ciudad...

Crossing the bridge.

There was a lot of construction along the way. It’s hard to...

We stopped for lunch. That’s me seated on the right, and the...

NO BEER, I had to have jugo de naranja (hugo de naranha),...

Barbie gets a shot of the bike’s GPS as we round the...

Entering Campeche. That’s part of the old wall.

Barbie outside our Hostel.

And inside. On the star system, it rates the point of one...

The dorm rooms were pretty funky though.

The beautiful streets of Campeche.

Outside the wall looking in.

The Malecón.

Barbie found a palm tree to hug.

The Castelmar hotel.

The lights come on as it starts to get dark.

I love these motorcycle parking places, but can’t use them. My bike...

Near the church and plaza.

The plaza across from the church.

Really hard to get into the Christmas spirit with palm trees in...

The wall with the church in the background.

This was to celebrate some kind of meeting of the Americas.

The streets lit up at night.

The church at night.

I even had a beer, but I took the picture of Barbie...

I know he was just dying to take it for a ride.

This is the wonderful family Pérez.

Our pink fish displayed proudly about 4 from the left.

Hostel- Hotel Reforma, rustic and under repair. Well located. 395 pesos for double room and AC. Cheaper for dorms and other single rooms. Wifi in some rooms. Locals told us of other better places to stay (hostel Amigo). Would not stay here again, we like seats on our toilets.


We hit the road the next morning bound for Campeche. I had done some research on line and found out that Campeche was the site on which Cortez had made first landfall in the new world. He didn’t stay, as the (wise) natives were not friendly. It eventually did become the site of a Spanish town; that was later destroyed by pirates. In response, the Spaniards fortified the town with a wall, and other defenses. It is this colonial aspect that has made the town a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Campeche is a popular tourist destination, and as such is quite expensive. After checking out a few overpriced hotels, we found a Hostel close to the action. It must have looked grand in its day, but then so did Bridget Bardot. Both are well past that stage now. The Hostel is under renovations, so at least it has hope for the future.

The town of Campeche is stunning. It reminded us a lot of Spain. I hope that the pictures will give some idea of it’s grandeur. And the people! Very polite and welcoming. The bike often attracts attention, but parked on a main drag here it was really the centre of attention. We had a couple of people sitting on it and posing for pictures.

Campeche was all ready for Christmas. It was really weird for us to get used to the idea of Xmas and palm trees. The town was sure beautiful though. They also had a church, that I’m sorry to say we did not go in. I heard later that they have a statue there of a black Jesus. I wish now we had seen it.

We met a really nice Mexican family there. Louis F Hernández Pérez and his 4 kids. While I was showing him the bike, he gave his kids some money to go play (I thought). A couple of minutes later the kids were back with a fish to add to our souvenir collection on the back of the bike. We were just thrilled with the fish! It was a really touching act of spontaneous kindness and warmth. It really made us feel welcome in Campeche and in fact in all of Mexico! Louis is an excellent ambassador for his country, and told us of many places to add to our ‘must see’ list. Thank you, family Pérez!

We nearly stayed another night in Campeche, but had already booked our next place. We were growing a little road weary, and were really looking forward to putting our feet up on a beach for a couple of weeks. Progresso here we come!

Dec 19

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