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Beach east of Pensacola, still showing damage from the last hurricane

Someone left the overnight watering system turned on!

Painted pelicans at Pensacola - one for each branch of the forces...

Entrance to the National Naval Air Museum at Pensacola.

Huge halls full of planes and other pieces of memorabilia, on the...

F14 Tomcat outside the front door.

MIG out on the tarmac

1936 :Duck"

NC-4 Flying Boat - this was the first plane to cross the...

WWI Sopwith Camel (if you look carefully you'll see Snoopy leaning out...

Older Blue Angels (4 of them) - Skyhawks

The Pensacola Lighthouse, still on the naval air base

We drove from Panama City straight to Pensacola, in order to have as much time as possible at the Naval Air Museum. This is a huge place, with about 160 planes to see, as well as pieces of aircraft carriers, other war equipment, and displays about such various things as Vietnam POW camps, life in the South Seas in WWII, and Bob Hope's tours overseas. There are also an IMAX theatre, flying simulators, and lots of training cockpits to sit in. We did one Imax film (about hurricanes in the south, watching our friends the alligators swimming under water), and saw some of the other little videos, but passed on trying the flying simulators. There is also a free narrated bus tour to take you out behind the museum to see a lot of other planes all lined up on the tarmac. Pensacola is the training home of the Blue Angels aerobatics team, so there were lots of their planes in evidence. We had an old Marine vet doing our tour - probably about 75 or so, who rattled off statistics mixed with jokes faster than most of us could catch them. There was so much to see we were a bit rushed, and we had 5 hours there. After we left we found our way to the old lighthouse also on the beach, and then eventually found our way back off the base, hoping that no-one would catch us after taking a wrong turn someplace. As the sun was going down we drove out of Pensacola and in a very few miles over the border into Alabama, where we went a couple more miles to our campsite for the night. It was so cold there that part of the water outlet for our site burst with the ice, and our hose froze up.

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