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Great white heron and White Ibis

Flock of ibises

Little blue heron

Another little bird - to be named later

8 Suwannee Cooter turtles, all piled up sunning on a log

Yellow-crowned Night Heron

Yes, there were more alligators.


Family of wood ducks (in the shade, unfortunately)

Manatee (under the surface)

A manatee's tail turning over

Another manatee under the surface

St. Mark's Lighthouse, out on the coast from Wakulla - a large...

From downtown Tallahassee we headed out to Wakulla Springs State Park, south of the city. This was originally the grounds around a big commercial lodge built in the 1930s, and coincidentally was a famous movie set. The original "Creature from the Black Lagoon" and one of it's follow-ups was filmed here, as were two of the Johnny Weissmuller "Tarzan" movies, and several more. The area's waters are normally at 70 degrees year round, and come from many springs in huge caves underneath the ground. There is a big swimming area with diving boards, but as there are many alligators farther out it didn't interest me! This time of the year the swamps there (and the swimming area) are also home to many manatees trying to find warmer spots for the winter. The staff at the park offered very inexpensive flat-boat tours through the swamps to see the wildlife, so we took one and had lots of fun. There were lots of birds, lots of alligators, huge turtles, and yes - lots of manatees right beside the boat. Unfortunately the manatees never actually surface except for a nostril at a time, so my photos are of large shapes under the brown water surface. We went in the lodge for a look around, then headed south the last couple of miles to the coast to find - yes - another lighthouse! We then drove to a Wal-Mart at Panama City for the night.

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