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When Tom and I married in 1964 our first home was in the basement of my father's three family house. Soon after we moved to a one bedroom apartment on the 6th floor of a Linden Blvd apartment complex in Brooklyn. In 1967 we were transferred to Sandusky Ohio where we rented a two bedroom garden apartment. Spencer was born in 1968 and when he was old enough to stand, he would wait by the glass door for Daddy to come home every night at 5:20 promptly.

In 1970, we built our first house. Colin was born a year later. The tri level home had a family room right behind the garage. As soon as the door went up the cry of "Daddy's home" rang through the house.

Owen was born in 1975- the very same year that Tom graduated from college. In 1977 we were transferred to Michigan and built a beautiful 4 bedroom home in Troy. Here again, even though the boys were getting older and the family room was far from the garage, somehow we all knew when Dad was home.

Our house on Hunters Gate was even bigger and the garage was once again abutting the family room. When that door opener started to pull the garage door up it was the signal that Dad was home.

The boys grew up, moved away, and Tom and I found ourselves wanting a smaller place. Our three bedroom condo fit the bill. As I would be preparing the evening meal I could hear the garage door open, then the sound of his wooden heeled wing tip shoes hitting the marble floor and I would say to myself -" Dad's home".

On Monday of this week, Tom lost his balance and took a really bad fall causing a great amount of bleeding and swelling in his brain. This was the fourth setback on his road to recovery and we simply ran out of miracles. My sons arrived yesterday afternoon and this morning we decided to take Tom off the breathing apparatus and leave him in peace. Nine hours later, as Tom arrived in heaven, he heard God said " Welcome Home ."

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