Toby-Sue Trip to the Gulf of Mexico 09-10 travel blog

Last night we got "the group" together and played "sequence". We usually play "chickenfoot" a couple times a week. Gotta keep the old mind sharp.

Well, we thought we would do something touristy today, so we loaded up Joe and Glenda in the car. We headed down to Kingsville to see the King Ranch. It is VERY well known here in Texas. We had never heard of it. If you have a ford truck, you may have a Kings Ranch Edition. If you do, you paid BIG bucks for it.

We got about 10 miles from the camper, and I said, "guess what I forgot". Sue said, "the camera?" Yep, so no pictures. Sorry.

We stopped for brunch in a little Mexican restaurant. The food and service was great. I can never figure out how they can sell it so reasonably, but the big chains can't. HMMM.

When we got to the ranch, we got on a tour bus. It is just a small ranch (825,000 acres). The number is correct. It has been in operation since 1853. It produces most of the cotton in the U.S. Also, oranges, cattle, quarter horses, pecans, wildlife preserves. Pretty much anything you can think of. They also have ranches in Florida, and Brazil. Captain King had 8 months of schooling in his entire life. Not bad huh?

Sitting on the bus, we were next to a couple from Duluth, Mn. He said he could tell I was from Mn. as soon as he heard me talk. Ya sure. You betcha!

We went thru Rockport and showed Joe and Glenda all the mansions on the water. Stragely, we never saw a person in any of them.

The weather channel is preparing Texans for the "BIG FREEZE" that might hit the northern part of the state. It was 64 degree here today, and because of the coastal effects we shouldn't see the cold as much. It is funny to hear them talk about not going outside unless it is absolutely necessary. BRRR.

Well, off to the hot tub.

Stay warm. Later.

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