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Are you ready to see a lot of photos of cacti? I hope so because on Saturday we went to an arboretum that has exhibits from every major desert area on the globe.

We had a delightful time walking the trails through the exhibit of the Sonoran Desert, which is the desert in which Phoenix is located and the Chihuahuan Desert exhibit which we had traveled through in Texas. There were also exhibits to show desert areas in South America and Australia.

For those of us who have lived in the lands of oak, maple and pine, deserts are really something to see. What is amazing is how much life there is in a desert from common things like cardinals to cacti and fruit trees.

It was a perfect day as we walked through cliffs, saw a desert lake, a streamside forest and enjoyed panoramic views. The arboretum is a state park and one of the things that made it a great experience is that the littlest member of our family got to go on the walk too.

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