Central Thailand... Southern Laos 2009 travel blog

2 strikes against us: Holiday rush and Tim is sick.

Early in the morning Jen went to pharmacy and got medicine for Tim. He could barely move. We rode to bus station and bought tickets to Ubon Ratchathani. The bus was so crowded – no oxygen, Tim sweating profusely. He sat down in the half-seat Jen had been in (many more people on the bus were standing than sitting), and could feel the AC a tiny bit. We decided to get off in Surin, after 2 hours. Arranged for a ride to the border, but needed baht (not dollars) to pay – a guy gave Jen a motorcycle ride to the bank so she could change money. People go into the bank in Surin and pick a number. Jen did this too and had a half hour wait – crazy time in Thailand, getting ready for the holiday. A young man drove us to border in his pick-up truck, with the motorcycle guy in the back of the pickup the whole 3-hour-ride time (guess he wanted company for the ride home). We crossed over to Laos, got visas and checked passports, then got a 45-minute taxi-van ride to Pakse. Tim slept most of day, and took his medicine. A long day!

Tony: hot bus

Vin: I almost suffocated on the bus – there was no oxygen. It’s a good thing we got off when we did.

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