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We slept with the windows open last night. At least part of the night! It is the custom here to shoot off fireworks or even guns on New Years Eve.

So, even though I went to bed around 10:00, it was after 12:30 when I fell asleep. About that time, a cold front came through and a cold wind began blowing in through the open windows.

I roused myself enough to close the windows and then snuggled under the covers to stay warm.

All of that is my excuse for not being up in time to walk with the guys this morning. I don’t even know for sure that the guys went walking today, but I wasn’t out of bed until nearly 8:00 AM. Marilyn was up before I was this morning, and I heard her exclaim that it was only 59 degrees in here! That made me snuggle even more under the covers, but the smell of fresh coffee rousted me out of bed.

Marilyn did go walking with Ginger and Joyce, after we had finished our morning coffee.

We made a trip to Walmart once Marilyn returned, to picked up a few needed groceries.

After we returned to the resort, I went outdoors to dump the holding tanks and then helped Marilyn put clean sheets on the bed. I then got busy making some oyster stew, using the fresh oysters we purchased yesterday.

Marilyn always gets a couple of the fresh oysters to eat on crackers and I used the remainder in the stew. It was delicious and we finished it off. Yummy!

Marilyn got busy doing the dishes and I dried them for her.

The next item on her “To-do” list was caramel corn, which she had promised to make for Gilbert. I helped a little bit and was tempted to eat some of it, even though I was threatened with severe consequences if I touched it.

I had phone calls today from Jennifer (That is normal for each day) and from old friends, Ralph and Carl, another friend from my flying days.

I watched football on TV and relaxed, thinking that a nap would be nice!

A knock on the door brought another pleasant surprise. It was Ben, another RV friend that we first met here at Llano Grande in January of 2007. He and his sweet wife, Tina, arrived a short time ago and we’ll look forward to spending some time with them while we are here. They also have a Mobile Suite and that makes at least 12 of those in the resort.

It sure was a quiet day otherwise, today. I guess that is the norm for New Years Day. Football and relaxation.

We walked over to see Gilbert & Louise and Irene walked over to where we all stood talking.

She gave me a hug and invited us to their patio for cocktails. We grabbed our chairs and a cold drink and walked across the street to join these good friends.

We visited for awhile, talking about various subjects, and just enjoyed being together.

The people we have met and become close to in this lifestyle are precious to us. They truly are family.

Marilyn & I have been so blessed in our life by the people who have touched our lives, and become so special to us.

Friends from Edina, Missouri, named Bruce & Jane, once gave us a plaque which read “Friend, you have sewn flowers along the pathway of my life.”

I would like to think that we have touched the life of others as much as they have touched ours. That would be among the proudest achievements in this life.

You are all special to us in one way or another. Live life to the fullest, laugh often, and always remember to tell the ones you love that they are special to you.

Life is good!

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