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We met up with Allison on Pub Street and went for a bite to eat and catch up. When we met Allison she was just beginning her 18 month travel journey. We spent some time hanging out together and checking out some of the markets. It was good to hang out with her.

While we were enjoying our time in Siem Reap discussions started about where to spend Christmas and New Years? As Cory and Elaine are celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary on New Years Eve, they decided they wanted to be somewhere tropical. I am not sure what they call this whole year. Seems to me it has been pretty exotic if not tropical. I think they want to try and recapture the atmosphere of the Cook Islands where they got married. It seemed it didn’t take long and the decision was made to head to Bali, Indonesia. The flight to Bali was booked, and a hotel was booked for the first night. It is always good to have a room booked for the first night.

After checking in at our hotel, we decided to look around and see if we could find a different place to be for Christmas and new years. Many of the places near the Kuta beach area were booked up. Things were not looking good. We moved rooms at our hotel and decided to stay there until December 22 when we would move to Candi dasa and stay there over the holidays.

Despite the fact that Kuta beach is considered one of the best beaches in the world, Cory and Elaine do not have it on their top 10 list. The other thing about Kuta, is that it is a very busy category one place. Elaine was quite happy to go to Marks and Spencers and get some new underwear. I know this might qualify as too much information, and she probably wouldn’t be happy with me for sharing, but it was something that she needed. I was quite glad when she threw her old pairs in the garbage. She remembers the good quality of stuff she got from Marks and Spencers when she was in England as a young girl.

Cory and Elaine considered going to Bubba Gumps Shrimp company for dinner one night, but they had forgotten their camera and didn’t want to have an evening there with out capturing it for posterity. If not Bubba Gump’s they could have gone to the usual suspects, McDonalds, A & W (yes), Burger King, Pizza Hut, or KFC. Or don’t forget Starbucks or Dairy Queen.

We did find a nice little place just down the street from our hotel, and we usually had at least one meal there a day. Our friendly server told us we could call him John, and that was very easy to remember.

Despite the fact that we have run into it everywhere, I don’t think we will ever get used to being approached everytime we walk down the street.

We did stop at a travel agent type stall to get information, and they were so friendly and unpushy, that we ended up booking a car and driver for the following day to take us on a little tour of Bali.

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