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The start of the market.

I promised to return here with an appetite.

Never know what you'll find here.

Looking down the main market area.

We caught a cab downtown to the cathedral area.

The downtown park was decorated for Christmas.

The stuffed animals were all covered in plastic because of the recent...

The ever present nativety scene.

We couldn't seem to stay away from the market.

Oranges and Bell pepers in cute little piles.

We never did figure out what this stuff was. It smelled like...

I even had a beer!

Now these are beer. Just under 1 liter.

One of the local cab company's used VW vans. I like them...

We made it back for a bite to eat.

They had different kinds of meat, which they then chopped up fine...

It was delicious, with fried onions and spices.

Back at the hotel with our buddy Paco....

...and the gang. I hope we can make it to all the...

Barbie loaded up and ready to go.

Hotel Choco's. Moderately clean, kind of noisy, close to the market. 20 peso cab to downtown. Great parking for the bike. I would stay here again. 400 pesos. Wifi in lobby.


We have been found on different searches by people looking for info in towns, so I'll start to include the hotel info at the beginning of each entry for those travellers.

We awoke in Veracruz to another day with threatening rain clouds. We had learned our lesson though, and the still fogged-up camera was safely stowed in the trunk. We managed to get out of the city easily, and in no time were roaring down the Autopista.

Again, we had looked on line for hotels, but had nothing booked. We had a mostly uneventful ride, until we arrived in Villahermosa. We were at a major intersection facing a red light, and no one was moving. We were in the right lane and wanting to turn right. I asked Barbie if you can turn right on a red light in Mexico. She didn’t know either, so we thought we’d try our luck.

I think everyone knows how those storys go. The cop came out of no where on a motorcycle, waving for us to stop. He was 4 lanes over, and slightly ahead of me. I didn’t look at him, and sped up to overtake a bus on the right. We went by the cop with the bus between him and us. I thought it was pretty smooth until the next red light. I stopped, then noticed the cop working his way through the stopped traffic with lights on. We were about to learn if the Mexican police were as bad as we were told!

He pulled up beside me and started rambling off in Spanish at about a million miles an hour. I nodded and indicated a right turn with my hand and said NO, and shook my head (bad Fred). He kept talking. I said no Español, did the turn thing again with my hand and said no, no. He kept talking. I again said no Español, then pointed around and said hotel?? The light turned and he indicated I should follow, and we pulled away. Soon we were stopped at another intersection. He was still talking. Again I said hotel, and rubbed my thumb on my index finger in the international symbol for money, and then held my finger close to my thumb hoping to indicate ‘little’ money. Again the light turned, and again he indicated I should follow.

He zigged and zagged us through traffic using his lights when necessary, and then pulled up next to a hotel. He went in, then returned shaking his head. He said they had no parking for the bike. He mounted up, and we took off again. Soon we pulled up in front of another hotel. He went in and came out nodding his head. I dismounted, and went in. They had vacancy for 400 pesos a night, with WiFi, and secure parking for the bike. I shook hands with the cop, slipping him 100 pesos, and patted him on the back, saying many thank you’s and pointing to the hotel. He smiled, jumped on his bike and rode away. Yep, now we’re really terrified of Mexican cops!

As I was unpacking the bike, Barbie was already making new friends. A guy introduced himself as Paco, from Mexico City. He was an engineer here with a group of guys staying at the same hotel. He spoke really good English, and asked lots of questions about our trip. He congratulated us and said we were living his dream. He also gave us lots of good information of places in Mexico to visit. Some of them are definitely on my list of places to go.

We explored lots that evening and the next day. Our hotel was not far from a big market area. We both fell in love with the chaos that is a Mexican market. Our camera seems to be working fine, but the pictures don’t even tell half the story. No picture can reproduce the ‘too loud’ music, and salespeople with microphones and loudspeakers inviting you into their store; the smells that emerge from spice stores, butcher shops, and all the places cooking food. The colors; too much stuff hanging everywhere. It is really a total assault on all your senses! Somehow, Canadian markets will be forever boring for me now.

We stayed up too late on our last night with Paco and his buds while they showed us places we should visit on line. Wow, there is lots of beautiful Mexico still to come. We called it a night, excited about the sights we were yet to see.

Dec 17 &18

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