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The weather forecast called for rain all day today. That did not deter the guys from our morning walk, and we set off at a few minutes before 7:00 this morning. The temperature was cool but no rain, and we enjoyed the walk. That is a good time for lots of “guy talk” and we chatted away as we walked.

By the time we returned to our own RV’s we had walked 3 and ¾ miles.

Marilyn and Ginger walked also, leaving right after I returned home. I suspect there was a lot of “girl talk” on that excursion.

Back at our little home, we took turns taking a shower, and dressed to go out to a movie and dinner.

We did a few chores like taking out the trash, closing the gray water valve, and getting the spare propane bottle filled.

Jesse joined me at the office where we paid our electric bills.

Electricity is expensive here in the valley, costing us .17 per kw/hr.

Jesse & Ginger picked us up at 12 noon and we drove to Mission, Texas to the Tinseltown Theater, where we bought tickets for Avatar, choosing to pay the $2.75 extra for the 3-D version.

They gave each of us a pair of glasses to use in watching the movie. They were plastic frames and looked like sunglasses, rather than those old cardboard things we were given in the old days.

We stood at the front of the line as Heinz & Irene, Gilbert & Louise, Roger & Joyce, Carl & Linda, Jan, Dan & Pat and Ted & Sue all joined us.

I can’t say that all seventeen of us enjoyed the movie, but most of us liked it, and some, like myself, liked it a lot.

I suppose that a critic would say that the plot was certainly predictable, and it was, but the action, special effects, and the computer generated people were outstanding, as was the 3-D effect of the film.

It was easy to get right into the movie for me, but I admit to being a kid at heart.

When the 2 and ½ hour film was over, we all drove back east to Lin’s Chinese Buffet.

We had a room for all of us and the food was really good. As usual I ate way too much, even though Marilyn, Ginger and Jesse behaved themselves quite well. I had two plates full of food and followed that with some peach cobbler and coconut ice cream.


It had begun to rain in the late morning and rained all day, so we drove home in the rain and fog. It was good to get home.

We are all comfy and cozy now. We’ll watch TV for awhile, before getting a good night of sleep.

The gals are going shopping tomorrow, while the guys have a “Guys Day Out” in Mexico. I’ll let you know how that all turned out, when I write the journal tomorrow night.

So, another day in the RGV comes to a close. Even with the cool temperatures and the rain, it was a fine day spent in the company of our friends.

Life is good!

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