Blue People, Red State - Winter 2010 travel blog

Everyone at last night's campground was headed toward the Rio Grande Valley as are we. We all watched the weather forecast for the route ahead and heard about ice pellets in the Texarkana area. As we all pulled up our hoses and prepared to hit the road this morning, there was serious discussion about the route and weather challenges. Some decided to continue heading south with the theory that whatever precipitation does fall, it would most likely be liquid rather than ice. We voted for the shorter route.

And we were right. The temperature hit 50ยบ and we had a few sprinkles after stopping for the night in Texarkana. This town is aptly named since it straddles the border of Texas and Arkansas. The post office is built right on the dividing line and has two separate zip codes. We are camped in the Four State Fairgrounds, thus named because Louisiana and Oklahoma are also nearby. For $14 the fairgrounds provides full utilities, a real bargain. The TV news referred to this area as ArkLaTex. Sadly it took us a minute to figure out what on earth they were talking about. The long driving days are beginning to soften our minds. One more long driving day to go.

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