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Driving through the country side, when the weather allowed a picture.

We were finally out of the rain forest, and back near the...

We had seen these signs in the states as well. They were...

Out of the rain forest we may be, but the vegetation still...

We had a really strong tail wind the whole way.

We passed miles of tall sugar cane plants.

Barbie gets the camera out of it's plastic bag for a while....

Hotel Central. Secure parking, downtown location. good for a 1 night stay. 410 pesos. good coffee shop/restaurant downstairs.


We got up in the morning to every bikers favorite sound; a complete downpour of rain. We toyed with the idea of just staying put for another night, but then remembered that we were in the rainforest. It could rain like this for days if it wanted to, and warmth and sunshine lay somewhere south of us. We decided to bite the bullet, and ride.

I put my rain gear on to pack the bike. When I got out to it, I found that someone had put a plastic tarp over it, and tied it down really well. It was really not necessary, the bike can get wet, but it was touching none the less. We never did find out who made the considerable effort to cover it, but we sure appreciated the thought. Thankfully, the rain eased up for a while as I packed the bike.

We rode, sometimes through heavy rain, and sometimes just through mist. We got a lot of thumbs-up from the locals as we passed through their towns. I am still amazed at Barbie’s tenacity; I don’t know many girls that would ride all day through rain, sometimes heavy rain, and still have a smile on their face. Perhaps thats another reason why I love her so much.

Our destination for the day was Veracruz. Again, we had scoped out some hotels on line, but had no reservations. We planned to stay well out of town, near the airport, so we wouldn’t have to waste time in the morning beating our way through traffic. We got there, exactly as planned, then ran into construction, didn’t find any hotels, and ended up right downtown, with dark fast approaching. It’s really amazing how Mexico can completely destroy the best laid plans of mice and men.

With our usual luck, we found something acceptable just before dark and settled in for a 1 night stop. We didn’t do much for exploring; the cold weather front was kind of chasing us south, and you couldn't even go outside without a jacket (I know, cry me a river!). We had supper and breakfast in the Hotel restaurant. The good news was that the GPS knew this town existed, and even helped us on our way out of town in the morning. I made sure I studied the map really well anyways.

One really bad thing did happen to us. Barbie likes to take the camera with her on the bike, and take pictures of the passing country side. Today because of the rain, she wrapped it in a plastic bag, and put it around her neck. At some point it stopped working, and the viewfinder looked like it had been dipped in water. The edges were all fogged up, and the picture looked like a TV out of the 50s. We took the batteries out, and opened everything openable on it for the night, and hoped for the best. This is not a trip we want to be on without a camera! Sorry, we have no pics of this city. It is located right on the coast, and is really very beautiful.

16 Dec

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