2005 Alaska RV Adventure travel blog

Guy & Keith at the Arctic Circle, AM

A view North. We will not make it, going South

The RV under the pipeline

Reindeer at the University of Alaska

Muskox at the University of Alaska

View in Denali about 30 miles into the park

Our resting place for the night


This morning we will head back on the Dalton Highway toward Fairbanks. It's cool this morning, but sunny.

We did not see the Aurora Borealis, it was just to bright all night. I got a few times between 12 and 3 AM, but the sky was still bright. I don't think it ever got really dark.

The first 15 miles or so of our ride will be on pavement, then gravel for a 70 miles or so. It is a hard ride. We did not see any animals out again today on the Dalton Hwy, but did see a Moose about 30 miles outside Fairbanks. The Moose moved back into the woods before I could get a photo. It's just one of those things we will have to remember.

After a stop at Walmart and Home Depot for some supplies, we are going to drive down to Denali National Park. Before departing Fairbanks, we stopped at the University of Alaska and saw some Reindeer and Muskox...you don't see those every day. One of the books I have on Alaska said that a Reindeer is really a Caribou "that does not move around much".

The weather is good and we hope to see animals out this evening on the way down to Denali. As usual, we saw some great views on the way to Denali, but no animals (big ones). Once we got to the park, we decided to drive in as far as we could, about 30 miles. We did not see any large animals in Denali either. We decided to stay in the parking lot 30 miles in the park and drive out in the morning with the hope that we will see Moose, Caribou, Elk, something....

Drive for the day, 350 Miles. (116 on the Dalton Hwy)

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