RV'rs gathering for the dinner

quite a crowd this year

3 couples are neighbors of ours

they "adopted" Dave

Bambi is stylin in this years newest Christmas fashion.

Bambi will arrive in style at any Holiday party in the park.

it's lite yet comfy for the southern weather

She anxiously awaits her guests to arrive in only the highest of...

We want to wish all of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY 2010 for you and your families. God has been good to us, letting us live a dream life in our retirement. We thank all of you who visit us each time we update this BLOG. Each of the comments drives us onward to keep up the pictures and verbiage for your enjoyment. Thank You, again.

The darn Mountain Cedar/Red Cedar pollenates from Nov to Feb and causes sneezing fits for many people who come to visit. Around here it's even called "Cedar Fever"! It certainly has Rebecca, as it did in 07' as well. Once the sunshine came out to heat up the trees a little they started to shed their pollen and Rebecca just clogged up and started sneezing awful. She tried all of her tricks to make it subside, but nothing helped this time. It zapped her of most of her energy so bad she sent Dave on to the Christmas dinner, hosted by the park, by himself. Dave was "adopted" by RV'rs who are parked near us and made so welcomed by them. When the dinner was done Dave brought home a big plate of turkey, dressing and gravy to Rebecca.

For a few weeks now our little girl, Bambi, has been wearing her Christmas shirt. She gently reminded Dave that he had not taken any pictures of her with it on. So here you go, the little darling likes her clothes. Yes, she reminded him that there have been pictures of fish, deer, rabbits, squirrels, birds, more fish and many more deer. Poor neglected kid! So Dave took her outside for a fashion shoot on the picnic table with a door mat for her to sit upon.

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