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OMG i have been having so much fun it's like the best. we got off the ship on sunday and went to the house. we went grocerie shopping and me and becca where being me and becca. on monday we went to epcot. it was really cool, we went on test track (it's kind of like a roller coaster kind of not), spaceship earth (that was cool when you got to see ur future and you got to play all the games), mission space (that made me a bit sick), and that ellen thing (that was kind of boring). after we did all those rides we explored mexico and went on this thing that had the three amigoses and then it was getting dark so we went and rode soring (it was ok, it didn't really hold my attention), after that we walked around the world and stopped in germany to watch the fireworks they were really really good. then on tuesday we went to hollywood studios and rode the rockin' rollin' coaster, that was really fun and because there's a gift shop after every ride i got this bottle cap belt i love it. i also rode the tower of terror twice and watched the indiana jones show and the car stunt show and we went on the toy story ride and we watched the prince caspiane thing (it's just clips of the movie) and we went on the great movie ride (lame). on wednesday we went to blizzard beach so much fun. we did almost all the slides except for one and i went on the the slide that is 120 feet tall it was fun but it hurt my butt oh well. we also went shopping and i bought 4 pairs of jeans from guess and i bought some boots from nine west (they have really good deals here) then yesterday we went to animal kingdom and we saw all these animals and we rode this ride called expidition everest i went on it five times (three times in a row) i also went on the raft ride nathan and daddy got soked it was really funny. we also saw it's tough to be a bug. today we are going shopping at downtown disney and we are going to have ham well that's all for now bye bye

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