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Marilyn & I just want to take a moment to wish for each one of you loyal readers, a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We feel so blessed to be enjoying this wonderful lifestyle, and we pray to our Lord, that you will be blessed with Peace, Love and Joy, all through the New Year!

We have had a wonderful Christmas Eve today, other than being away from Jennifer, Steve and Colby. That is always tough.

It began at 3:30 this morning, when a cold front moved through the area. We were sleeping with the windows open and were awakened by a strong, cool wind blowing in the open windows.

At first we tried to ignore it by pulling the covers up around our chins, but I soon realized that I needed to get up and close the windows.

By the time I had all the windows closed, except the one beside my head, and crawled back into bed, I was more awake than I would have preferred.

I did finally fall back to sleep, and then didn’t awaken until I heard the voices of my friends outside. I guess I missed the walk this morning. That wasn’t a big deal because Marilyn rolled out of bed and put the coffee on.

We shared our morning coffee with the sunshine and I opened a few of the windows I had closed earlier.

Marilyn began preparing food for the brunch we had with friends at Dan & Pat’s site.

I mainly tried to stay out of her way. I made the bed and took out the trash. I retrieved a small table which had blown into Jan’s yard, and folded a larger table to make it easy for Dan. He and Ted came around to pick up tables to hold food for the brunch.

I offered to make a run to the store, hoping that I would be needed, but Marilyn insisted that she had everything. Sigh…..

About 21 of us gathered together, all bringing delicious food and a single gift for the couple whose name each of us had drawn from a bowl.

What fun!

I have pictures to show you.

Marilyn & I came home from the brunch and decided to open the gifts we had brought with us from home. Steve, Jennifer and Colby had sent gifts with us and they remained unopened until today.

We were anxious to open them because we know that Jennifer puts so much thought in what she gets for people. She takes after her sister, Kelly, in that regard. She is such a wonderful person.

Steve does good too, remembering things mentioned and then picks them as gifts.

We are proud of our daughter and son-in-law!

We called the kids to thank them for the gifts and Jennifer nearly made me cry when she mentioned the book we sent to Colby with a recording of us reading “The Night Before Christmas”.

She said Colby opened the book to the first page and listened as my voice began reading. He then said “PaPa” and put his head down on the page.

He turned to the second page, being read by Marilyn, and said “MiMi” and put his head down on that page too.

Man, that gets to you!

It didn’t last too long though, as his attention span is a bit short. On page three, he grew tired of the book and went off to play with something else. That’s ok! We sure love that little guy!

We have had a wonderful day and tomorrow will be spent with our RV friends, who are family to us.

This is a wonderful life and we can’t wait for tomorrow to see what that day has in store…..

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