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We are on the road again.

We have had a lovely (albeit short) visit with family and friends in Port Townsend over the last month, and this past weekend we had mini Christmas celebrations with Holly, Blaise and Noah and then another with my sister Katie and another with my folks and both my sisters. (My sister Susan was up visiting from California for the weekend) We crammed a lot of celebrating into a few days, and after some sad farewells, we have taken to the road once again.

This year we have a bit of a different itinerary. For starters, we are meeting some friends whom we met in Mexico last year here in Oregon and we will be traveling south back to Lo de Marcos with them. We have never traveled in tandem before, so we shall see how this all works out. Peter and Heather live in the Vancouver B.C. area and will be meeting us tomorrow in Keizer, Oregon. We will need to really work out traveling speeds since we are so used to going at our own pace, hope we don’t go too slow for them, we are looking forward to traveling together. As you all know we aren’t ones to be rushed down the freeway, but it sure will be nice to have companions on the road as well as backup if either of us have any problems

We also only plan to spend two months in Lo de Marcos this year, and then we will head back to Arizona. Instead of heading back to Washington, we hope to turn east and finish our cross country trip we started two years ago. Early ideas include spending a bit more time exploring New Mexico, traveling through most of the southern states (I’m personally looking forward to the Smokey Mountains), traversing the eastern seaboard, spending lots of time in the northeastern states, then meandering up into Canada and visiting the Maritimes, and finally heading back west traveling cross country on trans Canada 1, with ample side trips to keep our adventurous spirits in check.

As always, plans can change and itineraries are made to be broken- but if all goes as planned we hope to have a spectacular adventure. So come along and join us while we see this beautiful country. Check in with us regularly and I’ll do my best to keep the blog up to date.

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