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Merry Christmas to everyone.

We are still residents of sometimes nice - sometimes yukky Mt. Pleasant, IA. Well, we are for about 3 more days anyway.

As you all probably already know, the weather in the great State of Iowa has not been the greatest this December. We have gone from cold, windy days where our water tanks have frozen to days were I have taken Moe on walks with just a sweatshirt, no jacket. There have been more of the former and not enough of the latter.

While waiting for Santa Claus to show up, we have been visiting with friends and see Shari's folks quite a bit. Everything is going fine on the folks front. We are going to spend Christmas morning in Washington for our annual Christmas morning and hopefully start towards Texas that afternoon.

We do have a little bit of news. Shari and I were talking to Jeff Krug, the owner of the campground, about three weeks ago and he mentioned to Shari that he was going to hire a campground host for next year. He told her that last year was rather busy here and he felt he needed someone around to watch the place as both he and his wife work full time. Shari told me about it and I said, "When do we start?". Well the answer to that question is April 1st. We have taken the job as camp host for next summer. We will be Mt. Pleasant residents through the end of October. We are both excited as we will be closer to Shari's folks and the grand kids. We will be further from our great friends in the CR and Iowa City area but will be close enough that we can get up to see them quite often. We will be closer to our friends in Burlington so they can once again be reminded how much of the pain in the rear end we can be.

Everything is fine on the Moe front. She came through the cucklebur incident in flying colors. No after effects at all. I think we have been shut up in the house with her too much lately. We usually have the TV on and usually it is on Fox News. As always, they talk a lot about the health care junk and Moe must be listening to it. Across the street from the campground is a USDA Service Center and lately that is were she wants to go to do her business. I think she thinks if they can spread it in DC, she can give it back to them in Mt. Pleasant. I thinks she wants to be a politician when she grows up. She couldn't be any worse.

We want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and hope that everyone is safe in their travels. I will be writing as we travel to Texas. For you in the cold country, I may even give you an occasional update on the weather. One thing I hope I do not see much of anymore is snow and cold winds.

Have a Merry Christmas,


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