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I arrived in Curitiba, Brasil last night. I'm staying at a hotel until Thursday because there is a maximum stay limit at the hostel I'm staying at. The hotel is right downtown, whereas the hostel is 25 minutes from downtown by bus.

I spent most of the day today just walking around the city. I have started to really pay attention to my surroundings and every 2 minutes I try and find something that will stand out in my mind so that I can recognize it if I get lost or need to get back somewhere.

So, I can count on one hand all the words I know in Portuguese. I went to a build your own sandwhich place today, which was probably really stupid of me. Thankfully, the people who worked there took humor in the fact that I had to tell them what I wanted by pointing and hand gestures. I'm still in Spanish mode from Chile, and I keep accidentally trying to talk in Spanish.

I don't particularly like it here yet, which is really upsetting because I thought I would love Curitiba. I know I've only been here a day, but I feel like I don't know if I'm going to be able to last for a few weeks here. I'm just hoping when I get to the hostel that will change.

It's the first time that the language barrier is really noticeable. In Chile, I had people with me most of the time who could help if I didn't know how to say something.

There's one bellhop at the hotel who speaks a little English, so that is lucky.

I plan on just exploring the city more for the next few days. Hopefully things will get better.

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