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Hannibal, MO had a winter storm yesterday. It had snowed most of the day and we were concerned about Jennifer. She worked a 12 hour shift and then had to stay a bit later for paper work.

It was 8:00 PM by the time she started home on ice and snow covered roads. She called to tell us that she was on her way home.

Normally her drive home takes about 20 to 25 minutes, so we asked her to call us when she arrived at her home.

We watched the clock and worried, as parents do. It was a few minutes after 9:00 when she called to let us know she was home safe. She was relieved, as we were, and told us that the drive had scared her. If we had been living there, I would have insisted on driving her home and then she could get her car the next day.

When do we allow our children to be “on their own”?

Our daughter is grown, married , and has one child and another on the way. That doesn’t matter, because she will forever be our daughter, and we will be concerned about her welfare for as long as we live.

In any case, I didn’t fall asleep last night until nearly midnight, and then awoke at my usual 4:30 AM.

I got out of bed and turned the computer on, only to discover that the Wi-Fi was not working.

I did not feel rested and have felt sort of bummed out all day.

We didn’t do much of anything all day.

Today was my sister’s birthday. I called Pat and she was so happy! She happens to be one of those people who love snow, and they were supposed to get about 2 feet of it today. Pat lives in a suburb of the Washington, DC area and they are getting the storm which caused Jennifer so much trouble. Happy Birthday Pat!

The sun did shine here today and we sat outdoors talking to Roger & Joyce for awhile. Later in the afternoon, I walked over to sit with Carl and Heinz, talking about our trucks for awhile.

It always amuses Marilyn when guys get together and talk about their trucks. Heinz asked about the comparison of torque between our Ford and Carl’s Chevy, but neither of us knew what the torque was on our engines. Have to go to the book and complete our homework, I guess.

Marilyn fixed some chili-mac for dinner and we settled in to watch some movies on TV.

Since Ginger is gone for a few days, we asked Jesse to come over tomorrow evening to have dinner and watch the finale of Survivor.

The sun will be shining again and it will be in the 70’s so we should have a fine day.

We have to get out to buy some groceries so that I can fix up a kettle of beef/vegetable soup for dinner tomorrow.

So that is about it for today.

I have mentioned our plans for tomorrow, so I may not have anything new to write about.

That is the wonder of this life. You just never know for sure what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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