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Lucaya Lighthouse, with part of our complex built right around it.

A little lizard - we asked someone what they called the little...

Garden of the Groves on Grand Bahama Island

A zebra longwing butterfly

Flowers in the garden

Poinciana tree, with it's seed pods

Grand Bahama Port Authority - the company that owns 60% of the...

Market vendors - they make salad and fritters out of the conch...

Jasmine hedges at the International Market

International Market - with a food hamper line-up happening

Our little cruise ship

The sun going down and a sundog beside it, while we wait...

Sunset over the ocean

Our private lounge on the ship

We spent our last morning in the Bahamas going on a bus tour of the island. We of course got taken to several chosen markets and businesses to patronize them with our business, but we also saw some interesting places. We saw "Millionaires' Row" where the wealthy folks have built homes. Behind one side of the road is the oceanfront, and behind the other side of the road is the canal inland. Some people had two homes opposite each other on the two sides of the road, so they could choose whether to have the beach or boat access at any given time. We also saw a botanical garden, called Garden of the Groves. (Mr. Grove was the man who founded the Grand Bahama Port Authority - he owned much of the island at one time.) The garden was recovering from hurricane damage last year, but looked fairly well already. When we got back to the resort we just had time for 10 minutes in the pool before we had to change back and get ready to be bussed back to our ship. The cruise back was rougher than going over, so to take our minds off the waves we spent some time in the casino (I won, Malcolm lost) and then Malcolm spent the rest of the time in our lounge. I had the fancy dinner, and brought Malcolm's dinner in takeaway dishes for him to eat when we were off the ship. We got back to Fort Lauderdale and to our motorhome with no hitches, and wandered back to the same Walmart to spend the night.

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