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hello everybody, today was an awesome day. we went on a tour of grand cayman (witch is one of three cayman islands), and then i got to hold a turtle (more about that later). so on our tour we went to a really awesome cool place called HELL!!!! (oooh-ghost sounds). i sent postcards from hell. (did you know it's called hell because they have like really really old like black spiky rocks they are like a 1 000 000 years old or older). then we saw some more fun stuff (NOT-it was just a lot of hotels and other stuff like that). then came the most fun part of the day, i got to hold turtles-cute baby turtles. there was really old turtles and really young turtles-they had turtles from 600 years-4 months old (personally i like the baby turtles the best 'cause they r 2 cute 2 b true) i held like 10 baby turtles and you couldn't hold them facing the water because they wave their flippers around like they are swimming and if that doesn't work you have to rub the inside of their neck with your fingers. they were so cute. i also held ones that were like a year but they weren't as cute. i also got to pet older ones that were like 5-9 years old. they were even less cute. then they had the really old ones that were just there for breeding but they had like 400 turtles in this one area but you couldn't see most of them because they sleep on the bottom. i wish i could take one of the baby turtles home with me they were so cute i love them. after we were done the tour we went shopping and bought some stuff. OMG, i almost forgot that we went to TORTUGA (pirates of the carribean-no it's a rum selling place).well that's all for today bye.

p.s. did you know that the cayman islands have a higher currancy then the states do cayman=1.00


p.s.s. if you buy a condo that is 2.9 million dollars or more you get a bmw and you buy a 6 million dollar house you get a boat wth it

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