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We arrived early in the morning to the pier. Jon woke me up with a sweet Happy Birthday blew in my ears… (well he heated me during the night by accident so it compensated lol )

Once to the pier we shared a shuttle bus with jean-Luc to the main bus station.

We stopped on the way to an ATM I needed some cash before going to the islands. The transaction didn’t work. I started to be worry. We took another bus from the main station to Bangsal ( the pier where we had to take a boat to the Gilis ) On the way we stopped to an ATM again and I have been horrified when I remarked that I cannot take any cash ! Normally I should have around 300 $ left.

I was depressed as I miss my family and friends for this special day and worry about the money of course… Jon took some rupiah for me and we took the boat to Gilis Trawangan. I was feeling angry and sad in the same time.

Once we arrived to Trawangan I’ve been really surprised to see that there were so many new Resort and building everywhere…So sad. Backpackers left and a new kind or richest tourist arrived on the island.

We found the Homestay I stayed my first time in Trawangan, 2 years ago, when the island was a real (cheap and not too busy) paradise.

We took a room, everything was exactly like in my memory, the room, the garden the streets around, the mosque and his awful and crazy night singer! Maybe only less coq! (They probably ate them, lol ) The owner told us that sometimes there is no power (electricity ) on the island and after 2 days spent on the island I considered that the main reason was maybe because of these huge new resorts which grown everywhere on the island they probably take all the power to the local people from the village!

We took a shower after our walk around the island (we saw a lot of building and rich people, ,really interesting! ) I was sad because I wondered a few questions about life this day

I was unhappy because once arrived on the island I checked on internet my account and I saw that I had a transaction which has been proceed 2 times on the ATM at Makassar . The ATM stole me around 230$- what a b-day’s gift !

After a moment we decided to go out as well. First I didn’t want to eat but Jon drove me to a really nice restaurant and I decided to order something. It was a bit expensive but really nice and Jon offered my meal for my b-day :) We had a moelleux au chocolat as well ! we spent a good time and I felt him closer to me than he was during the boat trip which is the thing made me continue my trip with him.

After the meal we went on a bar where it was the Ladies night ( which it means that all the women sitting to the bar has free drinks all the night.) I Love this concept !

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